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In a rapidly changing and increasingly trend-driven world, understanding the dynamic between consumer and product is an ever-evolving and expensive process. We at Market Litmus intend to bridge this gap through our elaborate research design, systematic data collection mechanisms, close observation and rigorous analysis.

Market Litmus is a market research and consumer intelligence provider with the singular aim of offering data-driven and realistic solutions to our clients. We offer innovative market research reports and quantitative data sheets that dwell into all aspects of a problem statement or market/industry. We also offer unique solutions that are custom made for niche and intricate product categories which will help develop accurate insights about the current and future market scenario.

We essentially help executives set price points, launch new products, estimate market sizes or just enhance knowledge. Whether it is a breakfast cereal manufacturer who wants to expand into developing Asian countries or an IT executive looking for the next new product, our research can be the first step in mapping the interaction between consumer and manufacturer.

Systematic Data Collection Mechanisms

Shoddy and inconclusive data is the biggest threat to any market research study. To effectively counter such a risk we adopt systematic and meticulous data collection mechanisms. Such an approach enables us to capture all pieces of information regarding a particular market, which is further aggregated by our expert team of analysts

Efficient and Rigorous Research Methodology

We adopt a case-specific and tailor made research methodology and are fairly transparent about the process.Our fundamental process is rooted in data collection through various secondary and primary sources, data analysis, forecasting and reporting by our expert team of analysts, data validation through cross-country verifying and segment-wise sanity checks, and quality check by our specialist team of editors

In-depth Market Segmentation

We believe effective market segmentation is the heart of any research study. We undertake extensive product mapping exercises to develop a realistic framework for market segmentation. To better serve our clients, we continuously monitor developments of all SKUs of major brands and companies

Granular and Comprehensive Data

We provide coverage of a wide range of countries in all the major regions: North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. Upon request, we can also address cross-segmentation and region-specific segmentation

Cross-domain Interoperability

In an increasingly specialized and globalized marketplace, we recognize the necessity of adopting information sharing and wide ranging discussions among all our operating teams and industry experts.This strategy is adopted to aggregate a diverse set of views regarding any market we study. We believe such an approach is key to providing high quality and cost-effective solutions

Consumer Insights

  • Economic and demographic outlook
  • Accurate portrayal of consumer segments
  • Consumer lifestyle changes
  •  Technological and Social trends impact analysis

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Understanding the Global Consumer

The modern day marketplace is not limited by border or culture. Understanding how consumers belonging to different socio-economic backgrounds fit into a market is a crucial aspect of our research methodology. We analyze consumers on the basis of a wide variety of variables through our economic and demographic framework.

Consumer Segmentation: Going Beyond Traditional Demographics

Adequately understating the consumer requires going beyond the traditional spectrum of demographics and directly looking at consumer behaviors and needs. We believe behavioral and needs-based segmentation gets us closer to reality than simply reporting on a consumer’s age, gender or economic status.

Analyzing Buyers and Buyer Personas

Our customer-profiling framework is particularly aimed at B2B business research. Through aggregating a wide number of customer profiles, we identify traits that help create better communication channels. Unification of customer profiles also helps in crafting personalized messaging.

Actionable Consumer Insights

We believe in providing insights that are readily actionable and meet your organizational challenges. To increase the efficacy of our solutions, we adopt a robust research methodology that results in value-based insights and screens out vague generalizations.


Market and Product Strategy

  •  Extensive Product Mapping and Analysis
  •  Pricing Analysis
  •  Product Lifecycle Analysis
  •  Product Positioning and Future Outlook
  •  Market Entry Strategies

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Pricing Analysis

We provide a wealth of information on the way your product is priced and how consumers perceive it. Combing through scores of products, we chart out the price range of various product categories across geographies. Adequate and carefully planned primary research helps us provide you high-level consumer research that is well representative of the market.

Product Positioning Strategy

Combining analogy-based case studies and extensive consumer profiling we help you discover ideal ways to position your product in the modern marketplace. Apart from ideal-case recommendations, we also seek to provide alternative positions to reflect all facets of the consumer.

Market Entry Strategies

Elaborate pricing analysis and our wide industry coverage form the bedrock for our market entry research. We particularly aim at providing insights about tackling emerging products, entering new countries with existing product lines and understanding ideal distribution channels.


Market Estimation and Forecasting

  • Marco-economic Monitoring
  •  Extensive datasets for Multiple Segments
  • Cross-segment Numerical Data
  • Regional/country wise Quantitative Analysis

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Macro-Economic Monitoring

We are committed to creating valuable insights through new age forecasting techniques and policy analysis, foreseeing changes in the factors affecting the market estimation. We use tools to provide you with high-frequency measurement of macroeconomic activities in systematic, replicable and statistically optimal data through economic and social research.

Extensive datasets for multiple segments

We provide extensive datasets for multiple segments to help out your business strategies by weeding out inaccurate suppositions. Using powerful data unification and analytical capabilities we provide you with a robust and holistic view of consumers across multiple segments.

Cross Segment numerical data

By threading together multiple dimensions of every segment, we assist you in analyzing different data points from a single point of observation. Involving multiple systems and their corresponding data points we provide the insight needed to truly understand your needs and affinities for effective personalization.

Regional /country wise Quantitative Analysis.

By providing standardized and cross-comparable statistics we support you in critical decision-making with data and analysis providing insights on current consumer preferences, identifying emerging trends and pinpoint marketing and product development opportunities in country, region-wise and global markets.


Industry Structure and Competitive Landscape

  • Porters Five Force Analysis
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Competitive Strategies
  • Supply Chain Analysis and Profitability Margins
  • R & D Structure
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Activity
  • Co-operative Agreements
  • Company Profiles

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Coherent Data with Objective Insights

Our Industry Structure framework is designed to cover all the strategic, technological, financial, supply chain aspects of the major companies in the market. Apart from surveying and trade interviews, our team of analysts regularly monitor company presentations, annual reports, industry news, private databases, trade show presentations, etc.

Understanding Competitors’ Strategy

We analyze the strategic direction undertaken every major company through studying their competitive strategies, mergers and acquisitions activity and co-operative agreements. We regularly analyze the competitive advantage and strategic rationale behind every major market movement. The other area of focus is that of regularly tracking the areas where a company is spending maximum resources.

Industry Structure Analysis

Porters Five Force Analysis is a standard strategic framework that helps in identifying the level of competition and profitability within any industry. Through this framework, we clearly analyze the internal competition, bargaining power of suppliers and buyers, threat of substitutes, threat of new entrants (barriers to entry). Metrics such as buyers to firm concentration ratio, switching costs, relative prices of substitute products are used to quantify the level of competition.

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Your data will never be shared with third parties, however, we may send you information from time to time about our products that may be of interest to you. You may contact us at any time to opt-out. Please tick here to receive these communications.