Global Music Publishing Market


Industry Analysis, Forecasts and Opportunity Assessment (2017-2022)

  • Market Trends, Dynamics and Regulatory Framework
  • Regional and Cross-segment Sales Figures
  • Extensive Industry Structure Coverage

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Basically, the present world is unimaginable without the music and music publishing involves in publishing, merchandising, music recording and distributing musical content. The music publisher needs to acquire the copyright of a song coupled with depositing a fee which is also known as royalty before publishing the music content. The music publishers act as intermediaries between the song makers and the recording companies. The advent of the online platforms in the form of social networks, music file-sharing networks will help the artists in marketing and publish their music across the globe. Due to which the dependencies on the music publishers is diluted in recent times with the advent of the digital technology.


Music is an ancient art form beloved and supported by ages. With the advent of the recording technologies, digital platforms etc. the music became easily accessible to all. Virtual reality is the new technological advancement for the entertainment industry. In 2006, the virtual reality which replicates the imaginary environment for the user to see, hear, touch etc., was applied in the music industry also. Due to the cost-effectiveness and higher computing speed, virtual reality application may be widely used by the music industry in future.

Market Dynamics:

The live performers drive the music publishing market as they contribute the major share of revenue. The piracy is the biggest threat to the music publishing industry. The competition in this market is mainly on the basis of pricing, artists, and a number of albums. The music publishing market is dependent on International tourism, GDP per-capita, and aging demography

Market Segmentation

The global music publishing market is segmented as below:-
Genre of music, Industrial activities and
Types of Publishers:
Independent, Major, Mini-Major Music publisher

Royalty fees:

Synchronization Royalties, Performance Royalties, and Mechanical Royalties
Functions of Publishers:
Administering copyrights, protecting copyrights, acquiring songs, and exploiting the artistic material

Regional/Geographic Analysis:

North America is likely to dominate the global market for music publishing in future. The presence of multiple traditional publishing houses benefits this region resulting in the region’s high market share. Asia follows North America in dominating the global market for music publishing market.


A rise in disposable income has increased the individual’s purchasing power which will impact the growth of Music publishing market. The revenue generation for this industry is basically from the Publishers of music books, licensing the musical compositions for films, television, performances, and other media are a part of this industry.

Key Players

Leading companies in the Global music publishing market are:
Avatar Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Broadcast Music, Inc,Kobalt Music, Universal Music Publishing Group, Criterion Music Corporation, MPL music, Super Cassettes Industries Private Ltd., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, and others.

Report ContentsRegional AnalysisReport Highlights
  • Market segments
  • Market Drivers, Restraints and Opportunities
  • Market Size & Forecast 2016 to 2022
  • Supply & Demand Value Chain
  • Market – Current Trends
  • Competition & Major Companies
  • Technology and R&D Status
  • Porters Five Force Analysis
  • Strategic and Critical Success Factor Analysis of Key Players
  • North America
    • US and Canada
  • Latin America
    • Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Rest of Latin America
  • Western Europe
    • EU5 (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, U.K.)
    • Nordic Countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden)
    • Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg)
    • Rest of Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
    • Russia
    • Poland
    • Rest of Eastern Europe
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • India
    • Japan
    • Australia and New Zealand
    • Rest of Asia Pacific
  • Middle East and Africa
    • GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE and Kuwait)
    • South Africa
    • North Africa
    • Rest of Middle East and Africa

This report is an elaborate aggregation of primary inputs from industry experts and participants across the supply chain. It provides details on market segmentation which is derived from several product mapping exercises, macroeconomic parameters and other qualitative and quantitative insights. The impact of all such factors is delivered across multiple market segments and geographies.

  • Detailed Historical Overview (Market Origins, Product Launch Timeline, etc.)
  • Consumer and Pricing Analysis
  • Market dynamics of the industry
  • Market Segmentation
  • Estimated Market Sizing in terms of volume and value
  • Recent trends in Market and impact
  • Research Status and Technology Overview
  • Extensive Industry Structure Coverage

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